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Полёт на машине в Румынии

A young Romanian driver's car flew several metres in the air after hitting a sloped roundabout at speed.

Traffic cameras captured from several angles the moment the white hatchback hit the roundabout and was spectacularly launched into the air.

The car sails over the intersection and lands in a puddle on the other side of the road in Braila, a city on the Danube.

Luckily the car landed on its wheels and the airbags inflated immediately.

The 22-year-old driver escaped with just a few scratches, but was arrested afterwards.

His licence has since been suspended. It is not clear whether the stunt was accidental or deliberate.

The crash took place the early morning of May 4, but Romanian police only released the video yesterday.
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  • J1mm
    26 мая 2016 в 14:20
    GTA в Румынии.
  • Rodman
    1 26 мая 2016 в 14:34
    Отличное приводнение
  • pivanovmail
    26 мая 2016 в 16:23
    "Бойся аквапланирования" - говорили ему...
  • ShpurloS
    26 мая 2016 в 18:40
    К дождю...
  • Serghi
    27 мая 2016 в 11:49
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